“Reiki literally wakes up our divine essence so we can see our spirit behind the veils.”- Coleen Benelli

Reiki is a daily spiritual activity. The word itself is a beautiful amalgamation of two words- “Rei” that means a high power and “Ki” which refers to an unseen life force. It is a Japanese technique that focuses on stress reduction whilst promoting healing via relaxation. There is a very simple idea behind Reiki- there is an unseen life force energy that flows through us and makes us feel alive. If the energies are low in a person, then it is very likely for the person to feel sick or stressful whereas if the energy is high, the person will be capable of being healthy and happy.


When you take up Reiki treatment, you tend to feel as if there is a magnificent positive energy that flows through your mind and body. During a Reiki session, intuition comes through sight, touch, smell, sound and thoughts. This intuition causes relaxation and induces feelings of peace, harmony and security.

Reiki treatment is non invasive in nature. It is done by making a soft and light touch on the body in order to focus all the energies. During the process, your mind comes in a meditative state as your body gets repared by the gentle touches made by the Reiki master. If you are looking for a Reiki healing session in Hoboken NJ, you might want to join the Reiki classes by Mind Body Hoboken. The practitioners will take you through a very radiant process of bringing in positive energies in your body while soothing your mind.

Reiki works on all the levels right from mental and emotional to social and physical. It envelops a person in an all-encompassing energy that is enough to gleefully stride through the day. The benefits of practicing Reiki are immense. It dissipates anger, soothes away the worries, evokes heartfelt sense of gratitude and makes us kinder human beings.


The Reiki healing sessions in Hoboken NJ witness transfer of life force energy from the practitioner to the person via the hands. This helps Reiki to flow from hands to the body and reaches the areas those areas where either negative energy is contained or energies are altogether absent. A quick Reiki session brings in flair of positive energies in such areas and clears the energy pathways.

Reiki has the audacity to piece in the strongest of emotions. It gives a person the much required strength in the face of change. No matter what you perceive of this technique or its functioning, it will always have positive results. In a nutshell, all the courage, compassion, strength and love that you need are always contained in you. Reiki just helps you to identify them and lets positive energies flow. Wouldn’t you want to be an ever energetic person brimming with positivity and spreading it across the world? Let Reiki help you in doing that!

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